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The Child Advocacy Center- Lincoln, NE May 2012
Kids seen in 2010: 856
Kids seen in 2011: 1,010
Kids seen in March: 73
Kids seen in April: 57
Git ‘R Done Update- April 2012
Here at the Child Advocacy Center, we have seen a surge in a particular type of case.
Sadly, more and more of our cases here at the Child Advocacy Center involve Facebook, cell phones, and even iPods.

“But, my child doesn’t have a cell phone.” OR, “maybe my child has a cell phone, but it is CERTAINLY not a smart phone, it doesn’t have internet…”

Did you know that iPods with Wi-Fi capability can easily be turned into a texting device with the simple download of a number of apps? Most iPods now come with camera capabilities. Do the math, parents. Those iPods your kids are begging for and have access to between friends and school are not just for listening to Justin Bieber.

One of our many trainings in April was Richard Love’s workshop about child sexual exploitation via media and technology, and how to help keep kids safe. Richard Love is a retired detective and former consultant to the FBI Miami Crimes Against Children Unit.

The minimum age requirement to have an account on Facebook is 13 years old. Kids don’t want to wait that long. Many 12, 11, even 10 year olds are creating accounts, many with parental permission. Maybe your child has a Facebook account and you feel confident because your child has you as one of their friends? Richard Love, in a story for the Lincoln Journal Star said, “Many teens have more than one Facebook account — the one their parents know about, and the ones they don’t.”

In an article for the Huntsville Times, Richard Love suggests “parents also need to know many kids are sexting.” To prevent this, he says to “take the cell phone up every night and request the detailed text records along with the bill.” Love also advises that parents get familiar with the lingo kids use. He suggested, a site that spells out the acronyms kids use. According to the site, 9 means “parent in room.” GNOC, “get naked on camera,” and LMIRL, “let’s meet in real life.”

According to the same article in the Lincoln Journal Star, Love advises “Parents need to know that 20 percent of teens admit to being involved in sexting activity. Often, he said, teens text their boyfriends or girlfriends, but when they break up, those pictures can end up across cyberspace.”

Love also explains, “’Teens also need to know that their actions can land them in jail’, he said, noting that sending a sexually explicit message — or receiving one — can be charged as child pornography.” Love recommends websites that give parents the power to monitor their children’s’ online activities, such as

Here is a list of other websites you can visit as a parent to get more information about keeping our kids safe with technology:

You can also access “A Parent’s Guide to Facebook” online at This handbook details step-by-step how to go through the settings on your child’s Facebook page to maximize online security for your child.

Don’t assume your kids aren’t online. Don’t assume anything. Talk to your kids. Become informed. Be safe.

The Child Advocacy Center- Lincoln, NE December 2011

Two redheads. One mission. Save the world from child sexual abuse!
Our two newest staff members, Lorie Safford and Rebecca Christensen, aren’t working day to day with children, but the work they do makes the CAC a better place. Did I mention they’re both redheads? And their offices are right next to each other! This two-part series will focus on our staff members that make a huge difference for our community, even without working day-to-day with children, families, and investigation teams.
This month we will look at the second part of our red-headed dynamic duo, Lorie Safford.

Meet Lorie: Administrative Assistant/Patron Saint of Squelching Chaos!
Lorie has added a layer of calm and optimism to the climate of the Child Advocacy Center. She was added to our team to assist Lynn Ayers (Excecutive Director), Rebecca Christensen (Development Coordinator), and Cary Simpson (Program Coordinator). She ultimately impacts the entire staff with her great attitude, accessibility, and willingness to drop everything to help in any way she can.
In the past week I have spotted Lorie all over the center. She was hauling a giant flipchart out of the Gary Lacey Training Center to prepare for an internal training one afternoon, and smiled and asked “How’s everything going?” as she bustled by. A short hour later, I overheard her discussing with Jill Klingensmith, our Staff Assistant, some plans for interns who would be starting soon. And after my last interview that day, I brought the family into the lobby to meet back up with their child, and there was Lorie, elbow deep in a game of Jenga.
Lorie explained, “As administrative assistant, my duties include coordinating, well, just about everything! I assist management with projects, and also with payroll, billing, and deposits. I recruit, interview, supervise, and coordinate an orientation for student interns. I am also responsible to recruit and coordinate our volunteer program. My main desire is to make things flow smoothly so others can get their jobs done.”
She added, “I don’t work with the kids a lot, but it is really touching to have that immediate connection with a child…”

Occasionally, Lorie does work with kids. With more than one family here at a time, sometimes we have all staff tied up, and we call in Lorie to help supervise kids as they wait in the lobby for their parents to finish up with the “grown-up talk.” By the way, Lorie is fantastic with kids. They love her!

Gregory Burroughs- Patient at The Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital

Gregory Burroughs is a fighter. Born in 2005 with bilateral club feet, right hip dysplasia and clinched fists, he endured multiple surgeries prior to joining Madonna’s outpatient program at age two. The friendly, dark-haired toddler used a “Marine Corps” crawl to drag himself around. Gregory’s mother Marie had confidence that her child would one day be mobile and self-reliant.

Following two months of intense physical therapy, Gregory was able to sit up on his own. Crawling soon followed and by the time he was two and a half, Gregory was standing with assistance. After surgery to flatten his feet, Gregory’s therapy team celebrated when he stood independently.

Gregory entered preschool at age 3 with a specially-designed walker. His occupational therapists introduced adaptive utensils so Gregory could master feeding himself and brushing his teeth while working his fine motor skills. Aquatic therapy provided a fun environment to build Gregory’s leg muscles and increase his gross motor coordination.

Now an inquisitive 5-year-old, Gregory can feed himself, brush his teeth and tackle the stairs. “If it wasn’t for Madonna, my son wouldn’t be where he is today,” said Marie.

Got ‘R Done Update- November 2011
Two redheads. One mission. Save the world from child sexual abuse!
Our two newest staff members, Lorie Safford and Rebecca Christensen, aren’t working day to day with children, but the work they do makes the CAC a better place. Did I mention they’re both redheads? And their offices are right next to each other! This two-part series will focus on our staff members that make a huge difference for our community, even without working day-to-day with children, families, and investigation teams.

This month I want to introduce you to Rebecca Christiansen: Development Coordinator by trade, Crimefighter by passion. “I am responsible for raising funds to support the mission of the Child Advocacy Center through donor development, grant writing, and special events. I get to tell people all about the great things happening at the CAC and give them the opportunity to be a part of those things by financially supporting us.”

I asked Rebecca what her first impressions of the Child Advocacy Center were.
“The Child Advocacy Center has a great reputation in this community, which is one of the reasons I was interested in Development Coordinator position to start with. When I came for my interview, I was amazed at the building. What a beautiful facility! But what I walked away with at the end of my interview was an appreciation for the passion and the dedication for keeping children safe that I saw and felt here. I knew that was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Prior to coming to the CAC, Rebecca spent six years as the Director of Resource Development for another nonprofit organization here in Lincoln. She was responsible for raising funds to support the organization in that position also; however, the method was significantly different. Rebecca noted, “I did a lot of grant writing work for that organization (lots and lots of federal grant applications) and very little donor acquisition and cultivation work, which is where my passion really is. One of my top 5 strengths according to the Gallup StrengthsFinder is “Relator.” I like to build meaningful relationships with people. I like to understand what motivates and drives people. This position gives me the opportunity to do that. And I get to write a proposal or two here and there too. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Another Great Story from the Alexis Vrzal Children’s Center at Madonna

Daleney Teske

The success of Madonna’s outpatient pediatric rehabilitation program can be seen on the feet of Daleney Teske. “See? Now, I get to wear fun shoes!” exclaimed the Iowa resident, pointing to her new shoes—shoes that fit because of technology available at Madonna.
Born with spastic quadriplegia, the most severe form of cerebral palsy, Daleney’s trunk and all four limbs were affected. For most of her young life, she battled “foot drop,” or dragging toes with each step, and had to wear cumbersome braces. Shoe shopping was never high on Daleney’s list; the braces severely limited her choices. That changed once Daleney began wearing the NESS L300™, a device that is correcting her stride through mild electronic impulses. Since July 2009 Daleney has makes regular visits to Madonna. For the young girl who hopes to “walk like her brother and sister,” she’s taking one fashionable step in the right direction!

The Git-R-Done Foundation helped fund the Alexis Vrzal Children’s Center at Madonna and we hope to do more with the help of people just like you. Please consider a contribution to The Git-R-Done Foundation!

Update from the Alexis Vrzal Children’s Center at Madonna

Cole Christensen
In July 2010, 15-month-old Cole Christensen was diagnosed with an ependymoma, a rare malignant brain tumor, entangled with nerves and blood vessels inside his skull. Cole underwent surgery at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, Neb., where he spent four weeks recuperating in the pediatric intensive care unit. After seven weeks of radiation treatments at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Cole transferred to The Alexis Verzal Rehabilitation Center at Madonna to regain his strength and skills.

The aggressive tumor compromised the cherub-faced toddler’s skills. Cole’s physical therapy focused on transitions – from sitting to standing, to kneeling and finally, to walking with assistance. “We celebrated every small accomplishment,” said Amy, Cole’s mother. Occupational therapy masqueraded as play time honing Cole’s fine motor skills with toys to challenge him. Once his trach was capped, the toddler’s vocabulary of simple words reemerged.

Four months post-surgery, Cole grabbed his mother’s hand and walked. He’ll soon begin the outpatient Rehabilitation Day Program. Cole feeds himself finger food, smiles and babbles away like a normal toddler. “We couldn’t of asked for a better facility,” said Amy. “Madonna set Cole up to succeed.”

The Git-R-Done Foundation helped fund the Alexis Vrzal Children’s Center at Madonna and we hope to do more with the help of people just like you. Please consider a contribution to The Git-R-Done Foundation!

The Child Advocacy Center Hard at Work in their new building, funded in part by The Git-R-Done Foundation
“Oh my gosh, what do I do?”

The voice on the other end of the line was heavy with fear.

She had just found out that her niece had been sexually abused for over 10 years. Her daughter, now an adult, had been sexually abused by the same man over 15 years ago.

The perpetrator was her father.

The family was torn up and terrified. They didn’t know who to call, where to go, what, if anything could be done?

Thank God for Halee.

Our new center was already buzzing with activity. The lobby held a stiff game of Uno between a teen that had just finished up her interview and one of our interns. The Andrews family room housed a meeting between rural law enforcement, Health and Human Services, and a nervous parent with lots of questions. Meanwhile, a child was with another advocate finding the hidden Mophiblians painted on the walls in the hallway. Jill was on the phone scheduling yet another interview.

Halee told the family to come on in. She would meet with them in person.

The family arrived soon after hanging up. Halee took them back to her office and they were able to sit and discuss their concerns in confidence and quiet calm. Halee explained their options. The adult victim had developmental delay, and she was scared, but brave. She decided she would give a statement. Halee contacted law enforcement who was able to dispatch to the CAC immediately. With two other interviews in progress, another interview was set up.

There was plenty of room.

The victim gave her statement and every detail she could remember. She did a fantastic job and bravely disclosed her abuse. The victim was an adult, and the abuse was belated…but it corroborated someone else’s story-her cousin’s. The perpetrator was arrested.

Thank God for Halee-and for plenty of room.

The Child Advocacy Center helps sexually and physically abused children by shepherding them through such a difficult time with compassion and caring. This much needed organization brings law enforcement and the medical community together under one roof to give these children and their families a safe environment to tell their stories and get counseling. The Git-R-Done Foundation is very proud of the donation that was made to The Child Advocacy Center. If you would like to help us continue to do great things like this, please consider donating below. With your help, we can Git-R-Done!

Thank You! The Alexis Vrzal Children’s Hospital at Madonna is wonderful!
Thank you so very much for your generous donation for the fantastic improvements in children’s care at Madonna Rehab Hospital!!! After our 8-year-old son, Ryan, suffered a significant stroke four years ago, he received rehab as an inpatient, and later an outpatient, at Madonna. The therapists’ expertise was extraordinary, but the facility was neither child-oriented nor family-oriented.

Last week, a 3-year-old friend of our family checked in at the Alexis Verzal wing after suffering a series of strokes. The fun, colorful, child-oriented wing is every bit as wonderful as I had heard. I cannot find words to express what a blessing this is to children and families who are struggling through such difficult circumstances. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may God bless you abundantly! Lori

Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation donates $25,000 to
The First Hope Equipment Fund at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital


Lincoln, Neb.

Blake Werts loves hunting, fishing and laughing with his family and friends.  The Scott Middle School 7th grader from Lincoln, Neb., doesn’t let cerebral palsy limit his activities.  Blake loves to get outside with his brother, Bryce, and his friends.  Now, thanks to Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation making a $25,000 donation to The Hope First Equipment Fund at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Blake can finally get out into the fields of Nebraska to hunt for pheasants, quail and maybe even a deer.

“Blake is a great kid and I’m glad we could help him out. I feel sorry for the pheasants though. With those new ATV wheels, Blake will baggin’ his limit,” said Larry the Cable Guy.

Working with a wheelchair expert from Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, where Blake gets outpatient treatment each week, the Git-R-Done Foundation donation funded a specialized ATV wheelchair that will allow Blake to move over all types of terrain.  It even manages in snow, which is a good thing considering the 30+ inches that has covered eastern Nebraska this winter.  In addition, Hanger Industries discounted the specialized wheelchair and fabricated a gun mount and ramp to access Blake’s hunting trailer to help on his hunts.

“I thank Larry for this awesome ATV,” said Blake. “I’m going to go everywhere with it. I want to drive it to school!”

The X8-Extreme by Innovations In Motion is a powerful, electric motorized vehicle with 14” knobby tires for excellent traction.  Driving on sand, soft ground, snowy or wet ground, or even slippery surfaces presents no problems to the Extreme.  This is made possible by the patented passive steering system, a breakthrough in wheelchair design.  Blake controls the wheelchair through a joystick that provides 360 degree turning, acceleration and reverse options.

“Rehabilitation is about helping people do the things they enjoy. We are delighted to help kids like Blake through a variety of adaptive sports and recreation activities and workshops. Many people don’t realize all the options that are available in adaptive sports, like wheelchair basketball, soccer  and rugby, fishing, golf, sled hockey, hand cycling and horseback riding,” said Marsha Lommel, president and CEO of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.

“We thank Larry’s Git-R-Done Foundation for their generosity. Words cannot express our gratitude for their perfect gift for Blake. Blake is very active outside and this will really increase his mobility. This is a great day,” said Kevin Werts, Blake’s dad. “I want to also thank all of our family members who came out to share this special day with Blake and thank you to the Madonna team and to the Hanger team. Both organizations worked hard to get the perfect chair for Blake.”


Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation donates $1.2 million to develop the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital at Madonna

December 21, 2009 – Lincoln, Neb.

Larry the Cable Guy announced today his charitable organization, the Git-R-Done Foundation, will donate $1.2  million to develop a new 14-bed children’s rehabilitation center within the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.  The new facility will be named “The Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital at Madonna” in honor of the 13-month old girl who suffered a brain injury at her daycare in 2008.

“I had the chance to see Madonna’s work in helping kids overcome all types of injuries and illness and after I met Alexis and saw the big courage in her little body, I knew we had to dedicate the hospital in her honor,” stated Larry the Cable Guy.

Madonna is one of only eight hospitals in the United States to hold international Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation in both brain injury rehabilitation and pediatric specialty programs, and is one of only four accredited in both spinal cord system of care and pediatric specialty programs. This means that Madonna meets the highest standards relating to staff competency, programming, patient-family education, outcomes and advocacy.

“Since opening our pediatric unit in 2007, we have attracted more young patients than we currently have room to serve,” said Marsha Lommel, president and CEO of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital.  “The new Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital will be a self-contained hospital within Madonna, offering the most advanced pediatric rehabilitation care and technology in a warm and welcoming environment for the entire family.”

Remodeling for the new children’s rehabilitation area will begin in January 2010, and the first phase is expected to be completed by July 1, 2010.

Larry the Cable Guy donates $300,000 to The Arnold Palmer Foundation for the research of hip dysplasia

Recently, Larry the Cable Guy participated in a celebrity version of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”.  The show is hosted by Larry’s longtime friend and fellow blue collar comic, Jeff Foxworthy.  Playing for charity, Larry the Cable Guy won $300,000. He is donating it to the Arnold Palmer Foundation for the research of hip dysplasia.

Larry the Cable Guy, aka Dan Whitney, has funded a multi-center research study of treatment of hip dysplasia in five participating countries: USA, Canada, Australia, England, and Mexico.  Among the top doctors in the field of hip dysplasia, they are reporting data and outcomes to determine best practices for treatment so that variations can be reduced for more effective care.

The funding will also facilitate another research project to develop a graded severity classification of hip dysplasia so that physicians can compare results based on initial severity of involvement. That will allow them to compare apples to apples so to speak. Some reports from a particular treatment may include a majority of patients with minor involvement while other reports may include patients with more severe involvement. Variations in initial severity may explain why some studies show good results with a certain treatment while another report of the same treatment may show poorer results because of greater severity at the onset of treatment.

In addition, several dozen braces for hip dysplasia have been donated to Mexico for children who would otherwise be unable to afford them. Hip dislocation that is discovered after walking age is the most severe form of hip dysplasia and it’s fairly common in Mexico because infants don’t have access to early diagnosis and treatment, but also because some don’t have resources to purchase simple braces that could treat the condition as an infant and avoid later surgery.  They are helping solve this problem in Mexico City.

A website for hip dysplasia is also currently under construction that will act as a central hub for doctors trying to treat this problem.  It is intended to be a comprehensive website with information for parents like many other websites, but has bigger goals to have information for adults with arthritis related to hip dysplasia.  The website will also be the first to serve as an educational resource for physicians on the specific topic of hip dysplasia.  Negotiations are under way with a publishing company to put at least one textbook online. It is the hope to also have instructive surgical videos, audio-video lectures, educational case-studies, training manuals for prescribing and evaluating various braces and harnesses, and other educational programs specifically for physicians.

Those are the three main things we have going and we can sustain those for five years with the funds provided so far.  If we receive more money, then we can expand the research and education.  More research is needed for sure and we can coordinate or solicit RFPs on the subject of hip dysplasia.  Also, we would like to host an International Congress on Hip Dysplasia to focus attention of the medical community and bring together researchers who are passionate about hip dysplasia.  There hasn’t ever been such a program even though there are International Congresses on Clubfoot, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, and other disorders that are more uncommon than hip dysplasia.  Hip instability is the most common abnormal finding in infants at the time of birth.  But, the Whitney’s correctly noted that it lacks awareness among the general public and lacks concerted attention by the medical community.

Check back for more information on this extraordinary research project and links to the future website.

Larry the Cable Guy’s Git-R-Done Foundation donates $1 million
to Child Advocacy Center


August 4, 2009 – Lincoln, Neb.

Child Advocacy Center of Lincoln, Nebraska announced today that Larry the Cable Guy made a $1 million donation to kick off the public campaign to build a new facility.  The contribution comes from the comedian’s recently created charity, the Git-R-Done Foundation.

“Protecting and supporting abused children is such an admirable cause.  I’m proud that the Child Advocacy Center is the benefactor of the first donation of the Git-R-Done Foundation,” stated Larry the Cable Guy, aka Dan Whitney.

The Building A Promise campaign is raising $2.5 million to build a facility in Lincoln, Neb. that will provide additional space to serve child victims of serious physical and sexual abuse and their families.  The Git-R-Done Foundation gift brings the campaign within $250,000 of their goal, according to Lynn Ayers, Child Advocacy Center Executive Director.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the Git-R-Done Foundation.” Ayers said, “With this significant gift, our dream of a new Center is becoming a reality.”

Since opening in 1998, the Center has helped over 4,600 child victims of abuse.  In ten years, the number of children seen at the Center has tripled.  In 2008, the Center served 669 children, most of these children are under the age of 12.

About the Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center provides a safe and child-friendly atmosphere for the investigation of serious physical and sexual abuse of children.  Child Protective Services, law enforcement agencies, physicians, victim advocates, therapists and prosecutors work together as a team to meet the needs of each child and their family.  The Center serves 17 counties in Southeast Nebraska.

Donations can be made on-line at or mailed to the Child Advocacy Center, 3200 Sumner Street, Lincoln, NE 68502.

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2017/07/07 Update: The Git-R-Done Golf Classic Raises $265K!

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Lincoln, NE (July 7, 2017)-  If you want to join the Git-R-Done Golf Classic, you don’t have to be good at golf, but you do need a big heart.  The annual event hosted by comedian Larry the Cable Guy, continues to bring fun, laughter and a little golf, all while raising money for The Git-R-Done Foundation’s mission to support children’s and veterans’ charities across the country. The two-day event netted $265,000! This year brought the biggest celebrity names including Super Bowl champions Joe Theismann, Dwight Hicks and Jim McMahon, World...

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2017/01/20 UPDATE on the IHDI

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IHDI Accomplishments Social Support and Awareness: Nearly one million website visitors each year and growing. 4,000 daily visitors to English language website. 500 daily visitors to Spanish language website. Social networking with numerous chat rooms. 50-75 daily contacts for information or other purposes. Education: Validated educational modules for diagnosis with testing documentation. Validated educational module for initial treatment with testing documentation. Teaching boxes of standardized educational materials with the following...

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12/23/2016 DONATION Angels Among Us

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The Git-R-Done Foundation is proud to announce our donation to Angels Among Us, helping families that are in the fight against pediatric cancer. Funds from the Git R Done Foundation will be utilized to assist two families battling pediatric cancer in 2017.  Angels Among Us assists families with up to $500 a month for up to one year to assist them through the financial crisis caused by a pediatric cancer diagnosis.  On average, 1 in 11 families are forced to declare bankruptcy as a result of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.  Our support allows...

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12/23/2016 HelpCare Clinic

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The Git-R-Done Foundation is proud to support The HelpCare Clinic and their campaign to provide physicals needed for children in need. These physicals are important for them to be able to attend school. HelpCare Clinic initially opened its doors in April of 2015 as central Nebraska’s first “safety net” medical clinic. It is the nature of such an organization to provide services to individuals who have found themselves in the gaps of healthcare coverage where they remain un-assisted by programs such as Medicaid or Medicare and are unable to...

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12/23/2016 DONATION Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House

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Another day, another donation! The Git-R-Done Foundation is proud to donate to Southern Appalachian Ronald McDonald House. Read more below: The funds will be used to help offset costs of housing the children and families staying at the House. The actual cost of housing each family per night is $76 per night. We average $2.14 per night from family contributions. We do NOT turn anyone away from inability to contribute. We are dedicated to bringing families together to focus on healing rather than expenses. If the House were not available, many...

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12/23/2016 DONATION Wings of Hope

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  Christmas came early for Wings of Hope when the Git-R-Done Foundation made a $20,000 donation to the nonprofit’s Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program. The MAT Program provides people with serious and rare medical conditions access to the specialized care they need to heal and hope. Getting this care, often, requires travel to facilities that are hundreds of miles from home. Many of these patients and their families cannot afford to travel to these facilities. Others cannot travel via car or commercial airline due to their...

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12/21/2016 DONATION The Toy Makers

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The Git-R-Done Foundation is excited to announce a recent donation to The Toy Makers. This wonderful group of volunteers makes toys and delivers them to sick children. Based in New Port Richey, Florida,  The ToyMakers Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation (IRS approved 501 (c) (3) organization) that consists entirely of volunteers (approximately 90 men and women) who donate their time to making simple wooden toys for sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay Area including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando counties. We have been...

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12/21/2016 DONATION First Chance Center

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The Git-R-Done Foundation couldn’t be prouder to make a recent donation to the Tot-to-Tot Program at the First Chance Center. The First Chance Center’s mission is to promote abilities and provide opportunities for persons with disabilities or other barriers to fully participate in their community. The Tot-to-Tot Program was established in 1991 and is a developmental playgroup for children, ages 2-years to 4 years, with special needs in Orange County. The focus is to promote all developmental skills within a typical playschool setting....

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11/30/2016 UPDATE: Bryan Health Angel Eye Project

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We’re happy to report that the Angel Eye project is coming along nicely. In 2016, The Bryan Health NICU was the lead gift for the 2016 Git-R-Done Golf Classic. The NICU received 23 camera units for families with babies staying at the NICU. This Angel Eye project brings the families closer when it isn’t possible to be at the hospital due to work or other obstacles. Families can check in and even interact through a messaging system. We are so proud of this...

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09/21/2016 UPDATE: Baby Tory Baby Simulator- Bryan Health Lincoln, NE

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The Git-R-Done Foundation helped Bryan Health purchase a baby simulator in 2015. They have been putting it to good use! Due to our NICU patient growth, we have experienced an increase in hiring NICU Nurses. During the recent training and new hire orientation, Our Simulator Preemie (generosity donated by Git R Done) was an tremendous resource…again and again and...

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