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Larry and The Child Advocacy Center

Dear Friend,

What you may know is that comedian Larry the Cable Guy’s famous catchphrase, “Git-R-Done” has been a staple in his stand up routine and movies for over 20 years.  What you may not know is that he has been donating time and financial support to any number of causes, from the FFA to the  National Guard for just as long.  His catchphrase has now taken on a higher purpose as the name of his new charitable organization, the Git-R-Done Foundation.  The mission of The Git-R-Done Foundation is to provide assistance to individuals, families and organizations that have experienced hardships beyond their control.

So what can you do?  Make a monetary donation of any sum, big or small.  With your help, you’ll give those in need the chance to Git-R-Done!


Larry the Cable Guy
The Git-R-Done Foundation