12/23/2016 HelpCare Clinic

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The Git-R-Done Foundation is proud to support The HelpCare Clinic and their campaign to provide physicals needed for children in need. These physicals are important for them to be able to attend school.

HelpCare Clinic initially opened its doors in April of 2015 as central Nebraska’s first “safety net” medical clinic. It is the nature of such an organization to provide services to individuals who have found themselves in the gaps of healthcare coverage where they remain un-assisted by programs such as Medicaid or Medicare and are unable to afford private insurance coverage. Although the passing of the Affordable Care Act provided health insurance for many individuals in this country, there still remains evident gaps in coverage where individuals with chronic medical conditions find themselves in situations where routine medical care costs prohibit them from receiving adequate care. Currently, U.S. census data indicates a total of 6,000 individuals within the two county service area in central Nebraska that qualify for HelpCare Clinic services. For a small medical clinic, composed of 5 staff members, and over 100 volunteers, providing care for these individuals is an incredible and worthwhile cause.

In addition to managing various chronic conditions, HelpCare Clinic also provided over 200 school and sports physicals since its inception and has seen the demand for such visits only increase. With healthcare costs rising, it is not unfeasible to project those numbers to rise further in the years to come. Currently, HelpCare has seen the impact of this rising need and is fortunate enough to utilize the services of volunteer pediatricians and family practice medical providers to see these patients. With your support, we hope to continue to provide this valuable service to qualifying individuals and continue to impact the lives of children and adolescents in our community. As healthcare evolves and becomes better equipped to serve the needs of patients through preventative medicine and more involved care plans we hope to provide our patients with the same standard of care as a fee-for-service office. With pediatric visits, be it a physical exam or other such encounter there is tangible overhead costs involved in providing the necessary services to adequately care for these patients. Such costs range from laboratory testing in some cases to the cost of supplies and diagnostic equipment. We pride ourselves in the quality of care offered in our facility and are grateful for your support to continue offering this high standard of care.