12/23/2016 DONATION Wings of Hope

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Christmas came early for Wings of Hope when the Git-R-Done Foundation made a $20,000 donation to the nonprofit’s Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program. The MAT Program provides people with serious and rare medical conditions access to the specialized care they need to heal and hope. Getting this care, often, requires travel to facilities that are hundreds of miles from home. Many of these patients and their families cannot afford to travel to these facilities. Others cannot travel via car or commercial airline due to their fragile health. The MAT Program transports these individuals to the care they need in aircraft specially equipped to accommodate stretchers, wheelchairs and medical equipment. The $20,000 Git-R-Done donation will support 44 flights to care in Wings of Hope MAT aircraft – at no cost to these patients and their families.

Learn more at the Wings of Hope website